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Test.Roblox.com and stuff.






New things and stuff at the ROBLOX test server!


Change My Robloxian/ New colors for your body!











Finaly, the new colors in the ROBLOX studio are now then also on the “Change Character” page.


ROBLOX Abassador Program

 The Roblox Abassador Program is a new way to earn tix.

Its a way to “Spread the word!”. Earn tickets and help other gamers like yourself find ROBLOX! A bigger community will lead to more players visiting places, more people to play against, and more people creating new and original levels.

They awarding 2 tickets per day for a link!!!


Material “Slate”


News FLASH! New Material! Its known as Slate!!!

Here you can look how it look like>



















NEW forums!!!




























Thats how the Roblox Test server Forums look like! Wow! We have spesial sections for Non-English people! Yay?

Lets wait for they relaese these awesome features at Roblox.com!!



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